Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I have a confession. I am looking to buy a house, and because of this I am on the Internet every night scouring pages upon pages of potential properties in the hope that I will find one that has everything I want.

It has stopped me from writing, blogging, commenting and all things I usually like to do on the Internet.

I even have a half drafted poem, but clearly have not pushed myself to complete it.

However - I thought it might be interesting to post two poems I wrote when I was 14. To be honest I was two months off being 15, but it is the truth when I say I was 14 when I wrote these. I thought it might be interesting for you all to see how I have evolved as a writer, even if some of the subject matter is similar. Enjoy!

You see the shadow in the rain.
Moving slowly - trying to hide.
You will never catch it.
It is a state of mind.
A shadow is never understood,
Never heard, never remembered.
I am a shadow - but no-one knows

In the distance,
You can see laughter,
You can see joy.
But you feel only pain.
You know the pain.
It is a memory.
Pain is a memory of your past.
Joy is a dream of your future.
Living in your dream, you see your dream,
Your joy.
Some say dreams come true.
For you, dreams are still far away.


  1. Hi, Chris! Hope your house search is going well. I've missed you. :-)

    Thanks for sharing your adolescent poetry with us - makes me feel less dorky for sharing my vision quest journal entries from when I was thirteen.

    And, by the way, I really like the "shadow" poem - very intuitive for a youngun.

  2. I hope you have found your 'dream house!'
    Shadow was beautiful! Amazing at 15!
    Keep writing, & thanks for visiting my blog.
    I have a new one : www.smitaspoetry.
    Tell me what you think of the 1st poem.