Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Bah Humbug ...

Internet censorship is on the cards in Australia. I have heard about this on and off for the last 12 months, and while agree something must be done about child porn, I am very worried about Government controlled media. Stay tuned to this one folks .


Thought this topic quite apt considering the level of censorship I am encountering in my personal life at the moment - BLAH.


  1. A new decade is just over two weeks away. A strange and wonderful time for self-reflection and group therapy. Of starting new and getting old and loving harder and being fearless and doing all the things you want with your whole heart to do but haven't yet. Of getting up in the morning and being part of a new time, tick tock.
    All our fuck-ups and weaknesses can become successes and strengths with the right roadmaps unfolded across the dash, blessings hanging like air-fresheners from the rear-view mirror.
    The end and the beginning are two different eyes on the same beast.
    Look left.
    Look right.
    Cross the street.

  2. That might seem like an odd thing to post, but I just felt that I should. Not my words, but liked the ideas in it enough to show you :)