Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A sad turn of events.

I write, I read, I aim to change the world.

I teach.

And it is there that I see so much that just saddens me. Children who can't read, parents who are too busy trying to blame someone else, teachers who just don't have the time to fix the problem. Teenagers who are essentially illiterate; people who will probably never be able to functionally read, let alone enjoy the beauty that can be the written word.

These people will never see the world I see, never live in the world that I live in. They know it too, and they are angry, but pretend that they don't care, that it doesn't matter, that being illiterate is actually cooler than you or I think.

I am not fooled. I will keep trying. I may not be as successful as I want to be, but I will try.

And I wonder ... could I actually write something for one of them? Firstly, I've got to get them to read.

If you can read you are richer than any man, woman or child in the world.

If you can read you have more opportunities for change than those who are not privy to this secret world.

If you can read, you get to live wherever you like, see whatever it is you want to see, and feel whatever it is you'd like to feel.

If you can read you are free.

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