Monday, June 1, 2009

I am grateful ...

I live in a wonderful, glorious and magically beautiful country. I am grateful to have lived a life here and not there.

We sometimes forget these little things, and then somethings happens that wrenches us from our foundations; reminds us that we are not as stable as we first thought.

I am grateful that I can reflect and grow - learn from other people's mistakes as well as my own. I have a unique opportunity to influence and inspire, to open up a world of new horizons to the array of people I see everyday.

I am grateful for friends, who did not misinterpret the wave, who saw it for what it was and threw out the buoy, reeled me in; allowed to me to feel safe enough to take the next tentative step.

I am grateful that I can look back and ask, 'who am I responsible for?' As opposed to others asking, 'who is responsible for this?'

That is my homework, to find the answer. As soon as I've worked it out I will share with you all.

Thanks, once again, for your invaluable support.


  1. I love that question you posed....'who am I responsible for?' rather than others asking 'who is responsible for this?'. If everyone kept that sentiment in mind, I wonder how much heartache and pain could be avoided.
    Your carefully worded blog posts are such a good thing.

  2. Thanks Lucia - you are so kind