Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Return of the Prodigal Poet

Hmmmm, nice name for a poem (maybe - sounds a bit too 'Star Wars', but it was catchy). Apologies to all. I hope that my hiatus hasn't put you off long term, but I am back :)

I have bought LAND in beautiful Emerald and look forward to living a more sustainable and environmentally friendly life.

I look forward to chatting with you all again.


  1. Welcome back, Prodigal Poet! And congrats on the land purchase. How wonderful to live in a place called Emerald... sounds like a fairy tale.

  2. Yayy!! Missed your thought-provoking posts

  3. But where have you been, all this while?
    Hiding your beautiful writing fro mu, depriving us of the comfort you provide?

  4. You may, now visit my other blog: www.smitaspoetry.blogspot.com
    & leave a comment.

  5. Hi Smita, I've visited :) I love it!

    And I have been busy buying land, trying to wrap up my year 12s (senior level), and get ready for a job interview. Hopefully back on track now.