Saturday, November 14, 2009

Am I Winston or Julia?

Never before has Friday the 13th had any negative connotations. That was until today. Today I entered a time machine and travelled back to 1984. I was subjected to Orwellian censorship.

I committed the much reviled act of thought-crime and for that I was betrayed. What disappoints me most is that people spew out rhetoric like it grows on trees.

They don't want Big Brother, yet they enable him with their petty, small-minded grievances that prompt them to report on any and all they see in the world.

They feel that people can't be upset, can't show emotion and can't vent, without it being seen as an attack on the institution. The irony being that they themselves are causing the breakdown of privacy, freedom of thought, freedom of emotion, and freedom of speech.

That is what disappoints me most about the world today. So many are happy to betray one, for the betterment of their own self, not able to foresee the detriment it will have to them, our society and each individual in it.

If my Judas is reading this, then I have absolutely no judge of character, and all I can say is - send in the rats.


  1. You are are the indomitable Chris! Ultimately, people reap what they sow and their harvest is coming soon. At least you can know that you have sown seeds that will bear witness to your generosity of heart and faith in others through your work, despite the efforts of some to bring you down. You answer only for yourself and you can rest easy knowing you are nothing like are fearless, determined and a wonderful person all round.

  2. Thank you. You speak of me reaping what I have sown, and all my thought are that this experience is certainly that. It is a soul searching time.

    My evaluation is that I am Winston, and brought my downfall on myself.

    However, unlike Winston, I won't accept the outcome. I will strive to get back.