Monday, November 16, 2009


I had met you before.

There you sat - patiently waiting until I was ready.

But you wouldn't remember that.

I knew you were coming.

I listened for you.

Mama, I am here now, hello.

Do you remember that?

Mama, are you happy?

I touch you, smell you; miss you every day.

Hand to face, eye to eye.

Yes, I am happy.

Was it the same for me and my mother?

I can't remember.

I was always alone.

With you there is no loneliness.

What do you remember?


Your hand reaches to me.


I could be with you whenever I wanted.

An unremitting bond.


  1. Lovely emotions, Chris, but I'm confused as always. :-( I really wish I had a poet's brain... but I'm much too literal, I think.

  2. Sorry Laura, I really tried to make this one easy I promise.

    It's a conversation between a mother and child, based on the relationship I have with Emily. The bold are her actual words, and the italics are mine. The rest are thoughts, all strung together to show our blood relationship or 'consanguinity'. Hope that helps :)

    Thanks heaps for stopping by.

  3. Mother, are you happy today?

    I remember Emily questioning this part of you. Don't fake it by the way: they know!