Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Who's afraid of the big bad wolf?

Folklore loves wolves. They are the epitome of evil and are used in literature to symbolise a multitude of evils. One only has to look at the links between wolves and lunacy. Werewolves, Lycans, Wolfs bane ... so many ways to cast aspersions on such a beautiful animal. Humans have used this fair creature to comment on society, to moralise and preach, and to scare the living daylights out of generations of children. Little red riding hood's journey to visit her grandmother is a well know fairytale, and I have used it my newest piece, Lycanthropy.

Hope you like it.


  1. Cool. I'm off to click your link.

  2. I personally have never viewed the wolf as being a symbol of evil. I see them as a reference to being superior to the average.

    Wolf amongst Dogs.