Sunday, December 12, 2010

This is what I just don't get ...

Some people are seriously so nasty. They purposely do things that make other people's days much, much worse than it was ever intended to be in the first place. They relish it. It is like they can't live unless they have done something to make someone else feel hopeless.

Why are they like that? What happened to them to make them think that this is OK?

I have to remind myself that not everyone is nice in the world, and who wants that reminder? Honestly? No-one.

And just when I think there is no hope (and there is a lot of hopelessness out there) I find some evidence of really lovely, heartwarming, genuine people. I get them. I just can't fathom the others.


  1. It is a necessity of human nature to be driven by self-interest.

    When people don't feel they're getting what they need from life their behaviour can become less palatable in a variety of ways, depending on their personality type.

    Rats do the same. Although they are a communal animal, crowd too many of them together and they turn on each other.

  2. I think in their own way they justify it by feeling like they're somehow being wronged by others. In their minds, they are right and everyone else is wrong.

  3. You both are so right. Sometime I wonder if I do the same to people and just have no idea, but I really think not. The trouble is - not matter how self interested I am, I can't live with the guilt. Rats obviously don't feel guilt

  4. The quest for power, however fleeting, petty and insignificant it may be, is perhaps the root of it all. Or maybe they seek to feel alive, and rather than feel alive through selflessness, or service, or kindness or mercy, these people feel alive through their bitterness and negativity. The very fact that you question their motives is evidence that you could never be like them; some people have a heightened sense of the Real, of Love and could never knowingly make someone else's life painful. Thank God for people like you.

  5. I'm with you, girl. Mean people suck.

    Don't get me wrong, even the nicest person can have an "off" day, but usually, he/she has the decency to apologize, and boy can an apology go a long way in rectifying a nasty situation!

    But the folks who walk through life saying and doing whatever they want, with no thought of the consequences, those are the people that don't deserve the once-in-a-lifetime chance we call life. And yet, ironically, they're the people who think they're entitled to everything.

    I, too, can't fathom mean - especially evil - people. Sadly, though, without them, we sure wouldn't appreciate the kind-hearted folks that are worth finding, and knowing.