Friday, July 24, 2009


Blocks of polished, black marble hauled by an endless procession of silent figures -
Who, guided by assumptions and rhetoric,
Mistook the blindfold as a gift from the insightful libertarian.
Wordlessly, they built the turret around the child.
The towering walls subtly adorned with a decoupage of lies,
That mirrored the litany of grievances chastising her intellect.
She watched, eagerly at first, as the figures began to recognise her presence -
Realising, too late, that they saw no reason to place a ladder within her reach.
The barren soil, cultivated by the disregard each stonemason had allowed to flourish,
Swallowed and gulped at her tears, leaving her soul weak.
Unbarred, the window taunted her with laconic persistence.
"Break free, break free," myriad incantations, worthless without the means.
Rapunzel waited, but none that she saw stopped.
They looked, and contemplated, but walked on -
Hoping that as a distance grew between their heels and the moral burden,
Responsibility would fade.
The air around grew silent as people ceased to pass by.
It was the window who continued to beckon -
A haunting dirge that mocked with an unyielding lucidity.
Over time, the masonry's edge grew jagged and notched.
An understanding burgeoned within and prompted swift movements -
Lest her courage should retreat and leave her truly lone.
She tore her braid, back and forth - across the lip of the fortress,
Separating her hair from the nape of her neck.
The loosened tendrils offered footholds to soil
That had grown salty and wretched under a torrent of anguish.
"Get out, flee, be gone," emancipation solicited with enthralling force.
It was only as she looked around, relishing her new found freedom,
That Rapunzel saw that she was not alone.
Forming a desolate quadrangle, in conjunction with her prison,
Were three other, identical minarets.


  1. Very curious poem... wonderful imagery. And I like the accompanying photo - negatives can be so lovely in their otherworldliness.

  2. I love that photo.

    This poem is so descriptive, it paints a picture in my head as I read it.

    Looking forward to your explanation post :)

  3. Hoping that 'curious' is not a euphemism, but I'm taking it as a good thing :)

    Updating the explanation ... now. Hopefully I will get some more comments when people know what I am on about.

  4. Before you even posted the explanation, reading the starts of the poem, I got so angry at the 'procession of silent figures' -helping to build her prison. How dare they?!
    The next part reminds me so much of the Good Samaritan story, perhaps because of the line that says 'but none that she saw stopped.'
    I also love how the window taunts with 'laconic persistence', a silent reminder of how trapped she is up there, and then becomes so much more, a 'haunting dirge'.
    I somehow knew that in your poem, she would escape! And that last line just sparked more curiosity, those identical minarets. The 'desolate quadrangle' reminds me of that photo you took in India, the courtyard of concubines...

    It all makes so much sense now after your explanation, such a beautiful, powerful, strong poem. I love how not even a word is wasted, every syllable is important. What a gift.

  5. Thanks Lucia. Really glad (in the nicest possible way) that it made you angry. When you spoke of the concubines in India I felt so trapped. I know I didn't see it as positively as others seemed to when I was there, and now feel such a surge of emotion for those women. I will post the phot for the rest of you to see. Try and imagine yourself in one of 'those' windows!

  6. Hi, Wave... I don't know if you'll see this comment, but I wanted to clarify my "curious" notion up above. I definitely meant it in a positive way.

    Poetry has always mystified me - I find myself having to read and reread poems to understand their meaning, so I'm amazed by those who seem to write them so effortlessly. Although I admit that I didn't fully understand "Rapunzel," I enjoyed the imagery and found the sentiments "curious" (which I meant as interesting, intriguing, thought-provoking, what have you). Hope that helps to put your mind at ease. :-)