Monday, July 13, 2009

Russian Dolls

Little red Russian doll,
Temporarily housed within a blue.
A lineage of women; generation upon generation.
Tenderly nestled; reciprocal shelter within a maternal cocoon.
A sorority reliant on mitochondrial ties,
Bequeathing sanctuary to myriad daughters.
An invisible pledge stronger than the paternal names adorning each.

Who will you thank, little red doll?
Now that you can see you own?
The one you would like to acknowledge is lost.
Yet the hand of another was extended.
It was she who took up the oath that others forsook.
It was because of her that you did not break,
Inexplicably protecting daughters not yet borne.
And for that you must be eternally grateful.


  1. Beautiful poem! Not sure if I am being biased because I love the little dolls I bought you.

    For me the colour of the dolls strengthens the meaning just that little bit more. Red being my favourite colour, like a shield of protection from the outer world. The rich deep beauty holding strong for eternity.

    I like the line where you mention paternal names. The knowledge that all children from our immediate family were named after our ancestors, girl and boy. The pride that you belong to generations of history. Although the reason I like this line differs slight from your meaning within the poem (I am guessing).

    I look forward to reading your inspiration for the poem.

  2. Thank you wonderful sister ♥

    I love the colour as well, it is so me, and you are so right about the 'paternal names' line - but more of that later :)

  3. Like you, I love the Matryoshka dolls. Your poem is beautiful - I especially like the openning lines: Red in Blue!

  4. Thanks so much Big Frank. Your comment means a lot, and I'm glad that you like the poem. Thanks for visiting.