Thursday, August 13, 2009

The dichotomy of dealing with the dead.

The antipodes of that other world -
Oft times leave their respite
To touch, caress, preen, and clutch at those left behind.
To murmur, whisper, cajole -
A personal absolution, navigation, safe keeping,
Or to cast it awry.

They come.
Those true in the knowledge that they served some welcomed purpose.

See me. I am here. Watch me.
There I am - did you notice?
Listen. I have something to tell you.
I forgive you. I will protect you. I am with you - guiding you.
I am content. Here there is only love.
Heart. Beats. Rapidly; breathe.

A gift, a direct contradiction to the other, more egregious visitors,
Invisible harpies who seek out weakness; preying on a febrile mind.
They have no message.
Urgent, frenzied hunting through the tarnished night.
No apparent grudge, only a hubris filled desire to foment irrational fear.

Wade through the fog of time.
Fingertips reach forth and smooth the notches of your spine.
A rapacious grasp slips from your shoulder.
Paralysis. Make your extremities work.

Chase, stalk, loom; gorging on illness.

They come.
A vitriolic scourge that mocks the barrier.

Listen: I am coming, a wheezed breath that does not belong.
Wait: I will graze your cheeks with my yearning.
Hide: I will find you, I can return.

To see one, you must accept seeing the other -
Feel each as unflinching limbs embrace your core,
Leaving and imprint of love - or one of maimed futility.
Cursed foreboding; tainted blessings
All found in sleep.

Breathe. You are safe. I will protect you. Breathe.


  1. Deep. It seems kind of dark but I like it!

  2. Re-reading it heightens the sense of the supernatural in this poem. I love the back and forth quality of the structure, how it moves from forgiveness and peace to an acute sense of being hunted. The two words 'rapacious' and 'vitriolic' are especially powerful....and how that scourge mocks the barrier between life and death, the threshold between worlds.Powerful stuff, as always.
    The last lines are especially meaningful, in light of that dream you had with your brother....
    Powerful stuff, as always.

  3. Argh, needless repetition of the word powerful. Sorry! What's another synonym?...compelling and potent!

  4. Your mind is set wondering right from the first line. Who’s world is it? Quite often only the perspective of the living and whom they have lost are considered, not the dead.

    How ones perspective changes / deepens when such lost is encountered. Something that is often ignored; there is no real logic to explanation for what you are sensing. Yet the true that is hidden within your soul, explains it all.

    And yes... we know you are here. We want you there. Where would the world be without you here?

    As for the others... To acknowledge them is not to welcome them.

  5. Woah, this is some deep, moody stuff. I only wish that I understood it all... but, as I've said before, the mystery of poetry often eludes me. Thanks, though, for sharing your vision, Wave.

    Because of your intriguing poems and explanations, I've nominated you for a Kreativ Blogger award. You deserve it!

  6. Thanks heaps everyone. Yes it is a bit deep, slightly moody perhaps, but all will be revealed soon enough.

    Big thanks to Laura for the nomination and well done Stephanie on yours :) I seriously need to get over to your blog more often.

    I also like what you said Mon - to acknowledge is not necessarily to welcome - very true indeed.

    Lucia, powerful comments (hehe) thanks. I nominated your blog by the way.

  7. this makes my heart ache, i feel like it speaks on so many levels which makes it accessible to so many. this poem is my choice.