Monday, August 10, 2009

Game on!

I am still sick, and have just been sent home from work (eeek). I didn't think I was that bad, but now that I am home, I am grateful that I don't have to finish the day. I have quite a complex idea roaming free inside my head at the moment, and I'm trying to wrangle it into a poem. I do have the title, which is strange as I often work on the title later on. But I am sure this one is it!

Here is the game ... I am going to post the title, and I want you to try and guess what the poem is about. Post your answer as a comment, and we will see who is the closest. I'm looking forward to reading your answers, and I think the discussion will actually help those of you trying to decipher my writing ♥

What do you think , 'The dichotomy of dealing with the dead' will be about?


  1. The multiplicity of loss - one person plays more that one role for others - we miss each facet of the relationship and what they brought to us. The selfishness of grief - do we mourn for us or them?

  2. I love the alliteration in that. Hrm, interesting. I think it might be about the contradictory nature of grief, or even how 'dealing' with the dead is an oxymoron, as we're not so much dealing with them as we are with our memories and pain. But, knowing how you never write what is expected, it could be about anything!

  3. You know what I love? That I ask a question such as this and get answers that I havd never thought of :)

    I think in one element it could be about grief etc, but it's not really. Two very interesting ideas so far, but if we were going to play, 'cold, cold, luke warm, warmer, cold' (hehe), it's still cold guys.

    Looking forward to some more guesses.

  4. How tantalising that we're still 'cold'!
    Here's a funny fact; I just googled the statement and it came up with
    Archaeological Perspectives on Prehistoric Scandinavian Burial Ritual!

  5. I want to say zombies but I know that's probably not it! I'm thinking it has to do with grieving the lost of a loved one...and how it brings out different sides of each of us and makes us deal with our own mortality?

  6. A simple guess. The difference between someone that has lost and someone that hasn't lost. The different perspective and how they differ. The mentality - 'Just get over it!'

    Or not sure if I am reading too much into the title but it sounds like the dead is alive. A spirit that is created around us after the loved one has pasted. Acknowledgment that the dead live on in two worlds. Feel like I have gone off down the wrong path (as usual!).

  7. mmmmm you're getting closer guys. I'm sure you'll all be surprised to know that Stephanie actually started to get a bit warm, although in reality the poem is a mix of Stephanie's and Monicka's answers. Zombies isn't quite right, but it's a little warmer than cold (hehe).

    I'm enjoying this :)

  8. I agree with Lucia's comment about the alliteration of this phrase - it's fantastic! But now that Steph has put the image of zombies in my head, I can't think of anything else! Oh, whatever does this mean?