Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I am the child

I am the dew drop falling from the leaf;
rhythmical, steady, demanding, determined.
Unwavering trickles streaming through the earth.

I am the delicate fingers of the sun;
reaching out, longing to touch,
entangling themselves in your heart.

I am the wind; breathing in, out.
Healing, eliciting hope.
Aloft and tended are the dreams of man.

I am the crisp snowflake;
drifting without concern,
waiting to be held by you.

I am the thunder;
echoing, rejoicing in the world.
An unfurled tempest throughout eternity.

I am the river;
illuminated soulful, miraculous.
Courageously forging a path through the rock.


  1. This is a beautiful peom describing the young innocence of children and their willpower to explore.

    Just one point I would like to make about the final line for this section:
    I am the crisp snowflake;
    drifting without concern,
    waiting to be held by you.

    Maybe my interpretation of the last line is different. Comparing it to the other lines it seems like there is something missing. Not quite sure what though. Does it mean the child is such a precious little thing, the world not worrying them, that they go freely to those that protect them and melt into them for safety / comfort? If yes, then that's a pretty thought as all children should be protected as long as possible to maintain this notion.

    I may just also be reading too much into it. that the child melts away to nothing. Or is it my thought process that it going that one step too far... That the guardian will have the power to hold that snowflake without damage.

    Keep writing and expressing yourself!

  2. I can see what you mean, the line really runs on, as opposed to the other lines in each of the other stanzas, but that's how it flowed out. I was aware of this when I wrote it, but really like the image that it created, so left it as is.

    As for the image, now that you have said that I can see how it can be interpreted in this way, but that's not what I meant. Just that a child was carefree, not worried about things, and trusting in the adult's ability to protect, value and love.

    A total innocence swirling around in the world, just expecting that everything would be ok.