Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It is for you ...

(Little cups of Marigold flowers and a simple flame, offered with a prayer on the Ganges)

I am the child was written for my daughter. She is the light of my life, and I am priveliged to have her.

Each stanza represents something that means something to me in our relationship, or something special about her. The last stanza, in particular, tells the story of how she came to be.

When I initially drafted the poem I was trying to describe what she was like and link the qualities to the earth in which we belong. It just didn't work. I then realised that with children, they just are. They are so in tune with the world; not yet influenced by negativity and turmoil that they live as a part of the world, as opposed to alongside it.

The four words in the second line of the first stanza are qualities that she displays every day. I felt that when I thought about these qualities I could imagine a delicate dew drop, dripping, and determined to make an impact on the earth. Children are definitely unwavering in their desire to take on the world.

The next stanza describes the love that that we have for each other, that is shared and communicated through touch. Sometimes, she just warms my heart as she reaches out and strokes my face.

As she breathes, she brings me peace and happiness. Something I have sought for so long. Each breath that she takes, makes me grateful for my own, and gives me hope that the future will be worthwhile.

She dances like nobody is watching, she laughs like she will never have a care in the world. She trusts me implicitly to love and protect her. I can imagine a snowflake would be like this in a gentle breeze.

She calls out without shame. She observes and asks about details that we, as adults, often miss. Her passion for life is like an untamed storm, and I can only hope that quality remains with her forever.

I was so worried I would never meet her. I walked around the Nandi Bull and prayed on the glorious river Ganges. I set forth a lit candle, hoping against all hope that the river would deliver a miracle. One month after my return, she entered my life. That river is a part of her story.

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