Tuesday, May 26, 2009


A gentle breeze sails
across the dunes; rippling grass
flickers in its hold.

Subtle, foaming edge
prompts the slate grey tide's advance;
erosion beckons.

Watered horizon
reflects a tremulous gold -
subdued, bronzing light.

Salt crusted expanse
punctuated with flotsam,
discarded crab shell.


  1. Love this poem, it's so visual- I can see it all in my mind as I read it.

  2. I don't usually like poems about nature etc...but I love this one! Especially the last stanza, I can easily imagine the edge of the water, when the waves recede and leave all the 'flotsam' on the sand. I like the repetition of the "Cr" sound..'crusted', 'discarded' and 'crab'. So effective.

  3. I agree with you Chris: this does not really seem like your usual style of writing. I DO like the poem, it's lovely really, but looking at your inspiration for writing it (a day on the beach with your little one!) I don't see that in the poem. Beautiful imagery however, and nice stringing-together-of-words (which tonight, I clearly cannot do well!) x