Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pandora's Box

The children watched as the mis-shapen fingers ambled forth and prised open the lid.
Like stagnant, noxious air, the words filled their lungs,
grew hooks and barbed themselves in their throats.

Swallow, breathe, forget.

Insidious curse preyed upon the quartet.
Moving effortlessly between their faces,
anointing each with shame.

Were you alone?
Did you fear?

Dark wraith suckled at the rivers flowing from each child's heart,
grew strong and crawled into the opening;
extinguishing what remained within.

I did not know you.
I cannot smell you.
I long to hear you.

Cast aside, the children left.
And so began their life.


  1. I usually hesitate to post as sometimes I can't find any words to accurately articulate my reaction to your poems. And I fear being judged by such an amazing writer, but here goes.

    The contrast of 'anointing' with 'shame' is especially powerful for me, as the notion of being anointed (esp. by a divine being) is such a beautiful thing. For someone to 'anoint' with shame is such a corruption and so evil.

    The photo is haunting too.

  2. I forgot to add, it is such a corruption of its intended purpose; to free someone from oppression, not bewstow it. To speak love and encouragement into their life, not extinguish it.

  3. you saw my reaction to this poem in person which says more than I can ever write here. xo

  4. Lucia, you know I would never judge you, and in all honesty am inspired by you every day that I get to work with you.

    You are right about the annointing - it does have religious connotations :(

    Thank you so much for such contructive comments.

    Em - I just love any comment. Thank you so much for writing, and reminding me of what you thought.