Monday, May 11, 2009

We all have them, but some are darker than others ...

Secrets that is.

Is it a betrayal of yourself to reveal what is deep inside you? Those incessant whispers, prompting you to share with someone else can so often turn on you, and the world we live in doesn't look so kindly on the little things best kept hidden.

Or is it that to keep those secrets buried allows them to betray you, as they morph into something totally unknown and unwelcome deep inside your very soul? And those whispers are you, trying to break free from a vice like hold?

What do you do with someone else's secret? So often we relish in this new found knowledge, not thinking of the pain we are causing the original owner with our joy. How much of a traitor have you been?

Little wisps of information, barely visible, let alone audible, but so powerful; deadly. Is that because we let them be so? Or because we want them to be so?

Points to ponder as you deal with other people's lives, consider your own, open your mouth and then close it. It is the betrayal that we all fear, and it is that which keeps our secrets mute.


  1. ah so true! sometimes it is easier when you don't know anyone's business!